Our Story

Every Nigerian wants to build house but unfortunately for some, the cost has become overwhelming due to over billing and vested interest, that’s what we are out there to mitigate

Nigerians in the diaspora have one or two bad experiences with building in Nigeria. Trust has been the major issue. We value integrity more than Money.

Nigerians abroad send $21 billion, or N4.2 trillion home yearly. They intend to come home to buy or build which may never happen due to increase in price of goods and services.

Having lived in the UK, seen, experienced and heard of our Nigerians working so hard in the diaspora being exploited back home when they ask people to build for them in Nigeria and Africa. Some even lose their life and savings in the process. The need to put and end to this callous attitude gave birth to Aridan Construction Company Limited. Aridan Construction was formally registered in 2015 by Engr. Omotayo Oyerokun and his wife Yetunde Oyerokun. Prior to establishment of the company, Engr. Omotayo Oyerokun has been involved in construction and renovation of properties for a number of people in the diaspora.

During his numerous trip to Nigeria, Engr Omotayo Oyerokun has developed several partnership with cement producing company, Building Accessories and Government Agencies to help ease the stress people in the Diaspora and Non- Diaspora.