About Us

Aridan Construction delivers award-winning con­struction, development and regeneration projects to the most exacting standards across Residential and Commer­cial private sectors. Aridan Construction is a subsidiary of Aridan Global Investment Limited. We are established to help avoid and encourage more nigerians to build by mitigating exploitation, Overbilling/Uncertainties that come from any sources (family, friends and contractors).

We have over the years convinced a lot of Nige­rians in the Diaspora to build that Dream Home or the Investment that desire to own in Nigeria is possible. Our desire to help Nigerians in the diaspora build afford homes has been admired by those living in Nigeria which is gradually increasing our client base. We can assure that we are cheaper than most local contractor or con­struction companies based in Nigeria without compro­mising on quality. We offer high sustainable and renew­able methods of achieving high quality and standards.

We are rated highly by our customers because of our keys values which are Integrity, Customer Satis­faction, Budget friendly, Quality, and Timely-Delivery.

Let Professionals Handle your Project: Aridan Construc­tion has a team of engineers who will hold your hands side by side all through the life cycle of your project.

Our Clientele