What We Do

Building & Construction Services

An unrivalled global reputation for delivery

From design and project management to cost engineering and mechanical and electrical services, Aridan construction company have an unequalled reputation for delivering complex, large-scale Construction projects to international Standards.


Building on our experience working with leading multinationals, Nigerians in the Non-Diaspora and Diaspora in the USA, UK, Germany, Ireland and the rest of Europe. Aridan Construction Company will protect and make good use of your Hard-Earn- Money, we understand that delivery on-time, on-budget and to the highest of international standards is what matters most to customers.

Above all, Aridan Construction Company follow a winning formula to deliver on their customers objectives an adaptable, problem-solving approach and a commitment to embracing the latest advances in construction technology.


Consultancy Services

Ask and seek the knowledge of an expert before you buy or invest. We encourage our clients, most especially our clients in the Diaspora to make good use of this service. Please don't lose your Hard-earned Money.


Engineering Project and Design

For every business, the right engineering design is fundamental to continuity. Our Engineering Projects and Design team listens carefully to what you need and our specialists ensure that your power and water supply, electrical system, kitchens, restrooms, and IT are used in the best way. We ensure that your building works for you and will cope with the demands you place on it now and in years ahead.

Our Services: Development monitoring, Feasibility studies, Engineering detailed design, and Specialist Lightening Consultancy

Asset Management

If you’re buying, selling, renting, leasing or taking the lease of a property, the condition of its engineering services can make a huge difference to its value and your own experience of it. We start by understanding your plans for the building and then assess its condition and suitability - keeping a firm eye on long term value. Our expert Engineering Technical Asset Management team can optimize expenditure with effective forward planning, advise on maintenance, contractor selection and auditing. Throughout, our focus is on optimizing functionality for you and maintaining long term asset value.

Our Services: Building surveys, Dilapidation Consultancy, Licences to Alter, Maintenance Contract Tendering & Contract Auditing, Service charge Budget Analysis.

Valuation and Advisory
Valuation is a cornerstone of any financial decision an investor, occupier or owner can make.

That’s why Aridan Construction Valuation and Advisory services team is proud to be the market leader for expert, independent advice on all property types and interests, from entire portfolio valuations, collateral of loans to one-off commercial buildings and residential premises, knowledge of local and global markets, supporting you to make sound strategic decisions.

Our team is highly experienced in:

Cross border valuations including portfolio valuation, loan security, mergers and acquisitions.
Single country valuations: including competitive market insight, government activity, infrastructure and building regulations
Research-led valuations: including portfolio valuation, loan security, merger and acquisition and large multi-phase developments
Consultancy advisory services: including viability studies, optimum product definition, research led analysis
Our Valuation and Advisory team is continually looking for ways to improve these services. That’s why we’re dedicated to pioneering new technology and techniques, including automated valuation models with innovative digital reporting.

Building Survey
For anyone buying, selling, developing, occupying or funding a property project, our Building Survey team will give you a distinct commercial advantage. From the earliest point in any transaction, our insight, analysis and market knowledge can save you money as well as identifying and managing your exposure to risk. We approach technical due diligence intelligently and thoughtfully, scrutinizing every aspect of the property, leaving no stone unturned. We analyse each aspect and each property in a portfolio individually and from every perspective.

Our Services: Building Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Environmental Reports

Renovation & Refurbishment

We renovate buildings and refurbish old or New Properties not built up to the current Modern Standard.


Building Maintenance


Whether it’s a single property or a large portfolio, our building maintenance team examines each building with the same meticulous attention to detail – looking at everything from the structure and fabric to the engineering services. We work closely with our engineering services colleagues to put a comprehensive strategy in place, so building maintenance is expertly scheduled throughout the property life cycle,  and capital expenditure is managed effectively.




Our services:


Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) strategies, Specialist inspections, implementing maintenance plans





Real Estate Investment

We provide tailored real asset investment solutions founded on independent advice, specialist financial expertise and the insight only the world’s leading commercial property firm can offer.

The team partners with clients over the longer term to invest and deploy their capital. Combining specialist financial services skills with real estate expertise the team can deliver individual, independent strategic advice and implementation for real asset investors, whether directly to the physical asset or indirectly through debt and / or equity. 


The team’s way of working is highly collaborative and spans the whole investment cycle from refining objectives, optimising strategic focus, tactical planning, implementation and performance management. 


We offer advisory at every stage of the investment life cycle:


Return target

Risk tolerance



Stage 1 Establishment / Strategy


Understand investment drivers

Identify market opportunity

Create distinct strategy 

Stage 2 Implementation  


Transaction origination 

Transaction execution

Detailed due diligence

Optimal investment


Stage 3 Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Portfolio management

Asset enhancement and value


Build to Sell/Earn

Our consultant can partner and teach you how to earn and sell properties with almost 100% ROI ( Return on Investment)


Property Development

The most experienced and diverse development consultancy service. Our CEO and his team offer dedicated team has 10 years of combined market experience across a wide range of  Nigeria/UK and USA Development projects. 

Our Development Consultancy team combines an in-depth understanding of market opportunities, requirements and trends, with innovative problem-solving strategies. It services a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients and provides solutions to challenges posed by a rapidly evolving and disruptive property market, in order to ensure that the client objectives are addressed.

Our Development Consultancy team applies a combination of macro perspective and micro expertise to the provision of advice in the following areas:

·         Site and property audits to evolve a project strategy


·         Detailed financial analysis and review


·         Master planning and phasing advice


·         Vacant possession negotiations


·         Ground rent and head lease negotiations


·         Negotiation of development agreements and joint ventures


·         Specialist valuation advice for litigation and dispute resolution